Trailer Der Roland

Universal classic transporter with strong base plate

With high-tow-arm (B)

Art. Nr. 500107

With Weber low-tow-arm (D)

Art. Nr. 500109

With low-tow-arm (C) without leg support adapter

Art. Nr. 500728

The Roland is a universal and classical trailer for the entire family, ideally suited for the use in the gastronomy, in the agrarian business and recreational activities as a helper in the yard or as a camping transporter.

The trailer “Der Roland“ is very similar to the Big Boy B. Frame and equipment are identical, but the basic equipment includes a base plate of 7-layer glued Combifilm-slabs instead of a box. The load volume is thus increased and larger packing parts can easily be loaded. The stable rail is perfectly suitable for additional cargo mounting.

„Der Roland“ has more than 20 spoked wheels with pneumatic tyres with valve guaranteeing an optimal cycling comfort. Contrary to the Big Boy trailers here the Roland spring-support-leg-system integrated into the drawbar adapter system is possible due to its 20” wheels. This system ensures a good stability and safe driving, since the support leg automatically rebounds when needed in case of contacting an obstacle.

Operation is possible either with the high-tow-arm adjustable in height or with a low-tow-arm with Weber adapter. With the low-tow-arm only the Weber E coupling is possible, included in the scope of delivery of course. The plastic box can easily be used as an accessory.

Technical data „Der Roland“

  • Frame dimensionx 40,5 x 71,5 cm
  • Packaging dimensionx: 86 x 65 x 41 cm
  • Frame inner dimension: 40,5 x 70,5
  • Total width, incl. mounted wheels: 68 cm
  • Total length without drawbar / adaptor: 74,5 cm
  • Empty weight ca. 13 kg
  • Load volume ca. 90 litres
  • Payload max. 40 kg, as distributed load during cycling operation
  • Payload max. 90 kg, as distributed load during manual card operation
  • 20“ spoke wheel
  • Pneumatic tyres

Please do never load your trailer for cycling operation with more than 40 kg of distributed load.

Subject to technical modifications


Trailer coupling for high-tow-arm, complete

Art.Nr. 502000

High-tow-arm B

Art.Nr. 502772

Low-tow-arm D

Art.Nr. 502387

Leg supports adapter for low-tow-arm D / high-tow-arm B

Art.Nr. 502362

WEBER coupling Mod. E for low-tow-arm

Art.Nr.: 502478

Weber adapter for low-tow-arm model D

Art.Nr.: 502479

Low-tow-arm C

Art.Nr. 502894

Coupling incl. adapter low-tow-arm (C)

Art.Nr. 502871

Coupling without adapter (C)

Art.Nr. 502883

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