Trailer Carrie M.e

Basic model
Art.Nr.: 500300

Basic model with rail
Art.Nr.: 500302

Basic model with grey side panel
Art.Nr.: 500303

Your trunk for the E-bicycle – We make it easy for you.
The bicycle trailer CARRIE M.e is perfectly suited for all transport purposes. The modular design enables a quick and simple refitting to your special needs and purposes of use. The socket wrench included allows a tool-free assembly and refitting. Der CARRIE M.e distinguishes itself by its good ride and manoeuvring quality with a high cycling comfort with any load. The extraordinary Weber coupling technology for E-bicycles allows a solid connection to the bicycle. Further the tow-arm can be adjusted easily from a load trailer to a manual trailer.

Basic equipment

  • Aluminium base plate rectangular pipe and aluminium plate
  • Drawbar attachment for low-tow arm and manual drawbar
  • Low-tow arm – easy change to manual trailer
  • Weber coupling
  • Wheel 16“-aluminium rims – niro spokes - sealed deep grove ball bearing and thru-axle hubs to insert and remove
  • Schwalbe Big Apple tyres with reflecting stripes
  • Light guidance two front reflectors (white) each and 2 rear reflectors (red)

Our high quality of material and manufacturing guarantees an extreme durability and longevity. The trailer is designed for highest loads and requesting the use of the best materials.

NEW! Carrie M.e is available in different colours.

The Carrie M.e from Roland – modular design and multi-functional use. Extremely light though with high load capacity. As bicycle trailer 40kg and with manual operation up to 100kg can be loaded.

Technical data*


  • Overall length incl. drawbar ca. 1400 mm
  • Overall width incl. wheels ca. 800 mm
  • Length without drawbar or wheels ca. 840 mm
  • Width without drawbar or wheels ca. 640 mm
  • Weight without sides incl. wheels and drawbar ca. 10 kg


  • Length ca. 810 mm
  • Width ca. 600 mm
  • Height ca. 170 mm
  • Weight side ca. 2.9 kg
  • Weight rail ca. 1.9 kg


  • Rims 16“ aluminium rims 19-305
  • Tyres 16“ Schwalbe Big Apple with Kevlar inlay and reflecting stripes, 50-305 mm
  • Weight 2 complete wheels ca. 2.2 kg


  • Length ca. 740 mm
  • Weith drawbar ca. 0.6 kg

* Subject to technical modifications, please note the German road traffic act (StVZO).

Accessories & spare parts

Sets of sides for Carrie M.e

Consisting of 4 sides for mounting on platform


1 set of sides grey

Art.Nr.: 500134

1 set of sides red (RAL 3020)

Art.Nr.: 503849

1 set of sides yellow (RAL 1003)

Art.Nr.: 503861

1 set of sides black (RAL 9005)

Art.Nr.: 503851

1 set of sides blue (RAL5015)

Art.Nr.: 503852

1 set of sides green (RAL 6018)

Art.Nr.: 503853

1 set of sides orange (RAL 2004)

Art.Nr.: 503854

Rail of solid aluminium Ø 12 mm

Art.Nr.: 502644

Hand piece for tow-attachment

Art.Nr.: 502861

Long-tow-arm (3-piece)

Art.Nr.: 502658

16" set of wheels complete with quick-release axle

Art.Nr.: 810226

Cover hood / tonneau cover

Art.Nr.: 502656

Top for side grey

Art.Nr.: 502657

Top for side black

Art.Nr.: 503861

Carrie M Deichsel_b_502611

Low-tow arm Carrie M.e big incl. adapter without coupling

Art.Nr.: 502611

WEBER coupling (E)

Art.Nr.: 502478



Diode rear light with on/off function

Art.Nr.: 502846


Spare-bowl/edge protection for reflectors

Art.Nr.: 502839


ZA stand foot bar for Carrie M.e.

Art.Nr.: 502891
(does only fit for Carry M.e. built as of production year 2016)

Set 20“ Fatbike (Red) Wheels, incl. tires and plug axis RAL 3020

Art.Nr.: 840379

Set 20“ Fatbike (Black) Wheels, incl. tires and plug axis RAL 9005

Art.Nr.: 840378


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