Trailer Big Boy

With high-tow arm (A)

Art.Nr.: 500101

With low-tow arm (C)

Art.Nr.: 500726

With high-tow arm (B)

Art.Nr.: 500103

with drawbar quick-change system

With low-tow arm (D)

Art.Nr.: 502179

with drawbar quick-change system incl. Weber coupling

The bicycle trailer Big Boy is extremely multifunctional, uncomplicated, unbreakable, and inexpensive. Its design is simple and convincing and has proven 100,000-fold.

The plastic box is made of shock-resistant 100% recycling material and has a load volume of 90 litres. It is extremely robust and can be removed quickly. The trailer can be loaded with a distributed load up to 90 kg and is perfectly suited for all hobby craftsmen, indispensable for gardening and a useful helper in the stable and the pasture, fishing or for a larger purchase.

The 16“ spoked aluminium wheels guarantee a quiet and easy drive and a comfortable handling. It is pneumatically tyred. The high-tow arm can slightly be adjusted in height to optimally adapt it to the frame size of the bicycle.

The tubular steel frame is black powder-coated. The scope of delivery contains the fitting hitch-type coupling and reflectors. A plastic top, deliverable against extra charge, lying slack, however, since the upper edge of the bowl can vary due to the kind of loading. In these cases the bowl and top have to be drilled through at the intended positions thus the top can be fastened by means of a splint or a padlock.

The bicycle trailer Big Boy B is the modern brother of the Big Boy A. They are of identical purpose, setting, and quality (see Big Boy A).

The Big Boy B is equipped with the Roland drawbar adapter system allowing the use of the trailer either with the high-tow arm adjustable in height or with a low-tow arm with a Weber adapter.

Due to the possibility to adapt the height the tow-arm alternatives can be mounted to the bicycle in an optimal way. This increases the cycling safety and the comfort. With the low-tow arm only the Weber E coupling is possible, contained in the scope of delivery of course. The small wheels do not allow a supporting leg.

The bicycle trailer Big Boy D is identical with the bicycle trailer Big Boy A. It has a so-called import drawbar though. Due to the possibility to adapt the height the tow-arm alternatives can be mounted to the bicycle in an optimal way.

Technische Daten vom Big Boy

  • Wannenmaß innen oben 40,5 x 70,5 cm
  • Wannenmaß innen unten 32,5 x 63 cm
  • Rahmen Innenmaß (ohne Wanne) 40,5x 70,5
  • Gesamtbreite, incl. montierter Räder 68 cm
  • Gesamtlänge ohne Deichsel/Adapter 74,5 cm
  • Breite: 40,5 cm
  • Verpackungsmaß: 86 x 65 x 41 cm
  • Leer-Gewicht ca. 12,7 kg
  • Ladevolumen ca. 90 Liter
  • Zuladung max. 40 kg, als Verteillast im Fahrradbetrieb
  • Zuladung max. 90 kg, als Verteillast im Handwagenbetrieb
  • 16" Speichen-Laufräder mit Rillenkugellager
  • Luftbereifung

Bitte beladen Sie Ihren Anhänger im Fahrradbetrieb niemals mit mehr als 40 kg Verteillast.

Technische Änderungen vorbehalten



Accessories & spare parts

Top for Big Boy

Art.Nr.: 502008

90-litre box black for Big Boy

Art.Nr.: 502007

Adapter without leg supports for drawbar B & D

Art.Nr.: 502351

16" tyred wheel/strong>

Art.Nr.: 801491


Low-tow arm (D)

Art.Nr.: 502387

Weber adapter for low-tow arm (D)

Art.Nr.: 502479

WEBER coupling (E)

Art.Nr.: 502478


Low-tow arm C

Art.Nr.: 502894

Coupling incl. adapter low-tow arm (C)

Art.Nr.: 502871

Coupling without adapter (C)

Art.Nr.: 502883


High-tow arm A

Art.Nr.: 502803

High-tow arm B

Art.Nr.: 502772

Trailer coupling fitting for model A & B

Art.Nr.: 502000

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